Elite XR  was created on the belief that XR (Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented reality) is the future of training for the global workforce. Our mission is to develop the appropriate XR Training technologies in conjunction with our new XR Training Manager platform. Specifically, we have found that by providing a micro learning approach to XR, or MicroXR, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of these technologies. Because of this extraordinary combination we are able to produce and deliver the appropriate technology that best fits the learning objectives of our enterprise clients on a global scale.


The Elite XR team starts with the most qualified professionals in their particular field of expertise. Whether it is instructional designers, 3d artists, or developers we only hire the best. This allows us to create and solve the most challenging of training scenarios, and create solutions other competitors can only dream about.


Our wheelhouse of XR based training solutions encompass:


  • Curriculum & Assessment Development
  • Interactive E-learning
  • Mobile VR
  • Immersive VR
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Wearable Devices (AR)
  • Interactive 3D Mobile Apps


We at Elite XR strive everyday to earn the name “Elite.” How?


  • By providing cutting edge solutions to global companies that most other training developers cannot even dream about.
  • Elite hires only the top professionals in their respective field. From 3d artists, Unity developers, Instructional Designer, etc. Only the best of the best are allowed in through our rigorous hiring process.
  • We set the global standard for developing cutting edge training tools. Our clients’ come to us with the hardest training scenarios possible because they know Elite will be able to deliver.
  • By taking a holistic approach when it comes to modern training. We are not interested in treating the symptoms, but finding the root cause of the issue and providing a cure.
  • At the core of Elite’s business model is the utilization of the appropriate technologies available that best serves the learning objective. We do not waste time in creating a “cool” experience only viable training tools.
  • By consistently over delivering on commitments to our clients.