Let’s take a moment to talk about a passion for education. Founded in 2004 and based in Austin, Texas, Elite CEU has been a leader in interactive digital training by providing over 1 million hours of training for security, fire, and electrical industry professionals for both small and large organizations. With a specialty in online learning, Elite CEU’s combined staff has more than a century of training experience to offer meaningful skill enhancement through multiple learning platforms.

With the recent advent of virtual reality hardware accessible to the consumer market, the Elite CEU team founded Elite VR Training on the belief that virtual reality will be the future of the global workforce. Our mission? To empower workers to increase their knowledge and qualifications by providing industry-specific digital training solutions.

It’s no secret that our country is facing a workforce revolution. Technology is changing industries left and right while employers face an increasingly difficult challenge of trying to staff their organizations with personnel skilled in their respective field.

Our mission is to work alongside our clients to develop virtual reality and augmented reality training technologies and provide them to end users in a manner that allows for enhanced skill retention.