Using VR for emergency response training, fire prevention,
and system inspections

VR for Fire Safety

Fire safety, while straightforward in its goal, requires the participation of numerous professionals including fire marshals, risk managers, inspectors, designers, engineers, and facility managers, just to name a few. This complex but necessary network of participants creates an ecosystem where education and training are fundamental to the prevention of property loss, and more importantly, human safety. Rigorous training means those involved must have comprehensive knowledge of engineered fire systems and must know how to properly respond to those emergencies that inevitably arise.

Virtual reality allows users to train on fire equipment before performing their work in the field. Within these virtual environments, fire engineers and technicians familiarize themselves with equipment prior to their use. This allows for a consequence-free realm where educational content is consumed efficiently but also one where mistakes can be made without jeopardizing a building or its inhabitants. The nature of the work performed by fire professionals requires they undergo rigorous training and qualifications for their career. Virtual reality streamlines this process such that fire safety courses grade trainees on a multitude of assessment points to confirm they can perform their duties in a required manner. And because no two buildings or fire systems are alike, the virtual environments familiarize users with unique systems in advance, be it a residential apartment, office tower, or commercial warehouse.

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