Using XR to train on manufacturing operations

XR for Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers are facing unique challenges across a variety of disciplines. An industry once composed of the baby boomer generation is now cycling out a skilled veteran workforce with younger generations who are unprepared to succeed. The decline in trade schools over the past several decades has left a labor shortage in its wake. Rapid advancements in technology mean automation and robotics are now taking over positions once filled by people, meaning it’s now even more imperative the human-centric work that exists be staffed with talented individuals.

Traditional manufacturing training is often conducted in classrooms or on the production line, meaning senior staff members are required to take time away from their normal job to coach a large number of individuals on specific operations. While utilized often, this approach is inefficient to those manufacturing companies who experience high employee turnover.Virtual reality provides manufacturers with the opportunity to simulate a production line environment before employees hit the plant floor. The technology can train on product assembly, hazard recognition, or equipment handling. Whether for training or assessment, onboarding or continuing education, this technology holds the key to efficiency and future success to our manufacturers.

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