What is microXR?

MicroXR delivers educational and training scenarios in small incremental experiences through AR, VR, MR, and Interactive 3D applications. These learning experiences typically range from 10 minutes or less, and are used to reinforce skills and concepts.

Learning in XR, but make it byte-sized.

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The microXR Difference

Learners have to digest only small chunks of information, so this makes comprehension easier. MicroXR content addresses only 1-2 learning objectives, so on average each module yields 4-5 learned takeaways.


Training in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention spans of humans.  When XR training content is delivered in short bursts, learning is more successful.

Repetition also aids retention.


MicroXR is well-suited to this delivery format, because XR technology makes it fun and engaging!

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