Oil & Gas
Using VR for equipment handling, mock drill training, and
operator qualifications.

VR for Oil and Gas

Proper training is at the top of all oil and gas industries concerns. While these companies represent the backbone of our communities, an unprepared workforce can make the difference between a successful job completion or a catastrophic failure. Due to the nature of the work in the energy industry, employees are often spread out across vast geographic terrains that can lead to siloed education initiatives or frequent travel to off-site training facilities.

Virtual reality training can improve the oil and gas market and make it more efficient by allowing companies to simulate mock drills, operator qualifications, annual training, and so forth. The opportunities allow trainees to experience and react to those critical situations that matter most which prevent costly fines and/or deadly consequences. Dangerous and life-changing emergencies such as oil spills or gas leaks may be recreated in the virtual reality environment, thereby educating users on how to properly respond to such events if they do occur. The trainee will be able to see, hear, and control the experience from a first-person perspective in the virtual reality environment. These training modules can be changed or modified to alter further training requirements in the future. Not only can emergency responses be iterated, but users can be taught advanced technical skills and become familiar with equipment before heading out into the field for the first time. Multi-user experiences can be developed to reinforce and solidify the training of each employee. Within a virtual reality experience, trainees in off-site locations can execute necessary tasks while being observed and or qualified by a senior training manager back at corporate headquarters.

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