Using VR for compliance, hazard recognition, and safety training.

VR for OSHA and Life Safety

Following OSHA protocols and staying compliant can make or break a company. OSHA violations can easily lead to steep penalties that cripple well-meaning organizations. Regardless of industry or line of work, all professional organizations must follow OSHA-mandated guidelines across a variety of disciplines from electrical safety to fall protection.

Where do companies find the balance between productivity and efficient training? Coaching employees on safety practices often requires time off the job, use of specialized equipment, reserved training spaces, and even outside instructors. Virtual reality has the ability to quickly familiarize both new and veteran employees on best safety practices in a manner that saves all parties time, money, and energy. Virtual reality environments can be designed to simulate true to life environments, quickly familiarising trainees with extreme heights, live wires, or complex machinery. Users will build muscle memory and retain important information pertinent to their career. Using virtual reality as both a training and assessment tool gives management a new perspective on where safety training can be improved.

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