Our Approach to Training

Our Approach to Training

At Elite VR Training, we prioritize a blended learning approach built on fundamental instructional design principles. To create the highest quality training experiences, we work closely with our clients to develop long term relationships built on a passion for education and trust. We strive to develop training systems that are designed for maximum retention and user engagement levels. To do this, we employ a full suite of digital training tools to ensure learning is taking place in the most efficient manner. We call this [e]XR Training™ to symbolize our utilization of eLearning, virtual reality, and augmented reality. When utilized together in a blended learning curriculum, we observe peak levels of user knowledge retention and skill enhancement.

Implementing [e]XR Training™

We believe that for the of successful implementation of XR training to take place, there must first be foundational training curriculum and eLearning modules in place. Due to the required specificity of custom XR technology, detailed training procedures and learning objectives are required for design and development to begin. We frequently speak with companies who rely on PowerPoint slides, CD audio programs, or even VHS tapes to train their employees on mission-critical skills. It is inadvisable to move from these formats straight to AR or VR without fundamental digital training tools in place. This means a formal written curriculum saved in a digital format that is delivered via interactive eLearning modules that both train and assess.

Does your company lack a training curriculum and eLearning courses? No problem, we can help with develop those too.

Our Services

To successfully implement our training solutions, we take a deep dive with our partners to gain a full understanding of your business and your unique needs. For this to take place we utilize a range of tools and strategies that strengthen our client relationships and lead to flawlessly designed training content. The combination of these procedures gets client stakeholders involved and familiar with the technology and gives us the opportunity to become familiar with your business operations.


  • In-person presentations and technology demonstrations
  • Curriculum review
  • DSLR photography
  • 360° photography and videography
  • Drone photography and videography
  • Virtual reality storyboarding
  • Design sprints
  • Alpha testing
  • Beta testing

Virtual Reality for Assessments

While VR is an exceptional tool for learning how to perform specific tasks, it can also be used to assess the degree of accuracy at which they are executed. The majority of training programs in existence have been built on pass/fail assessment structures, and while these are necessary, they lack the ability to measure those specific details related to a trainee’s performance. Using modern xAPI protocols, we are able to program in any number of assessment points throughout a VR experience. Data from these assessments can be reported directly to your company’s LMS for real-time feedback.

A few example of what VR can assess:

  • Action sequences
  • Equipment choices
  • Gaze
  • Gestures
  • Location/position within experience
  • Time on task
  • Voice commands

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