How do you deliver, manage & track XR training content?

With our cloud-based platform that delivers XR content for training, education & sales.

The XR Training Manager™

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The Elite VR Difference

We also have ‘off the shelf’ content available in our library to sell/license for enterprises & schools.

The XRTM houses content developed by Elite VR, and allows the ability for clients as well as 3rd party developers to host and/or sell their training content.
Additionally, developers as well as Elite VR can remain hardware agnostic allowing training modules to be deployed using various headsets.

Enterprise Hosting

XRTM™ offers real-time reporting and tracking, certificate of completion generation, seat assignment, and bulk registration.
Enterprise organizations now have the ability to host, distribute, and manage their own XR (AR, VR, MR) content. The XR Training Manager also provides companies the ability to generate revenue on their custom content by allowing them the option to resell and even license their XR content to a global audience.

Built in LMS

The XR Training Manager™ has been designed from the ground up with LMS features.
To provide a true turnkey solution for training the XR Training Manager™ includes a full host of LMS features. By utilizing xAPI embedded into the XR content we are able to offer SCORM compliant data with every training module we offer.

Training Enhancement

Compliment your XR Training with mobile & web-based training experiences.
Enhance your VR experience with web-based and mobile interactive scenarios that will further reinforce the training topic at hand.  This allows for greater retention rates – and training on the go and/or in the field.   Super easy to deploy, because everyone has their own mobile device.

Mixed Reality

Host and deliver any XR content, AR, VR (mobile/immersive), MR for wearables.
The XR Training Manager™ allows for the delivery, hosting, and selling of XR content. This includes AR and mobile VR apps delivered on iOS and Droid, immersive VR, and Mixed Reality (MR) content for wearables like RealWear or Hololens. This is truly a one stop shop for all XR Training content regardless of the modality of delivery chosen.


With the XR Training Manager™, Developers and Enterprise clients now have a global marketplace to resell their XR content.
Regardless if you are an independent XR development firm, or you are an Enterprise client with XR content suitable for the masses the XR Training Manager allows you to make money! Our secure global platform (GDPR compliant) will allow your XR training material the reach it deserves, as well as a platform that provides secure encryption, tracking and montoring, instant delivery, and multiple hardware options.

On Demand

Access your training in a matter of minutes with on demand purchasing.
The XR Training Manager™ is unique to all other platforms out there in that you can purchase and access your training without any contract or licensing agreement. You simply decide how many seats you need, download the content and/or rent equipment with content preloaded on it, and access it immediately!
XRTM Explainer

Development & Deployment

Elite VR Training guides our clients through the steps of testing and deploying XR experiences and assessments. E-Learning, Augmented Reality, Mobile VR, as well as Immersive VR can quickly be delivered and tracked with our XRTM. Let us know when you are ready to evolve your XR content!

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