Using XR for equipment handling, on-boarding, safety training,
and vehicle operation

XR for Transportation

No matter the vehicle or line or work, the transportation industries of today are centered around safety and education. Rising populations and urbanization levels lead to congested roadways and traffic patterns, creating new challenges for the modern transportation professional. Regardless of location or task, vehicle operators bear the utmost degree of responsibility for themselves and those around them.

Because of the emphasis on performance and necessity to strive for perfection, training programs must be constructed that allow for repetition and digital delivery. Extended Reality accomplishes these goals. Users can operate their vehicle in a randomized environment where their performance and actions are tracked from any number of assessment points. VR hardware now has the ability to replace expensive driving simulators for a fraction of the cost. The customization allowed by modern immersive technologies also means training modules can integrate outside assets, such as responsive steering wheels, for a more realistic experience.

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