There seems to be no end to the unique terminology and abbreviations associated with reality altering technologies. AR, VR, MR, XR…. what do they all mean and what should we focus on? For our training purposes, we use the term XR, which stands for “extended reality.” With the newfound popularity of augmented and virtual reality technologies, the label XR has risen to prominence and has been adopted as a blanket term to encompass anything AR, VR, and MR. It’s worth noting that MR (“mixed reality”), while used less often than AR or VR, is equally as important and labels the hybridization of AR and VR in a real world setting.

Back to XR.

It’s to be expected that XR will soon enter the mainstream vocabulary and become a commonplace term. Most people are still only just wapping their heads around AR and VR, but the rate of adoption and evolution of the technology supersedes this. “XR” is the verbal shortcut that describes the suite of available technologies and their respective solutions. It’s the extension of our reality through the use of specialized devices. Devices that allow us to transcend the perceptions of human senses and engage with new, computer-generated environments.

We believe the combined use of augmented and virtual reality makes for a powerful education solution. For this reason, XR Training™ makes for the foundation of our business. When these technologies are implemented, the modern worker is given the opportunity to learn by doing and enhance their skills such that individual productivity and safety awareness levels rise dramatically.